Auto-Attendant - Text To Table


Let’s face it, customers can be demanding.  When they are paying top dollar for an experience, they expect nothing less than the best.  Did you know that 80% of customer dissatisfaction is the result of a slow or unresponsive server?  The busier a restaurant gets, the harder it can be to track down someone to fill simple requests like extra napkins, ketchup or tartar sauce.  The longer a customer waits for service, the less likely they are to return or recommend your establishment to others.  Our patent-pending Table Attendant technology eliminates this wait resulting in faster table turn over and high customer satisfaction.

Keep Guests Happy!

Never under estimate the power of customer service.  Our auto-attendant allows your customers to communicate with your wait staff in a controlled environment that is safe and fun for all!  

Faster Turnover Rates.

If you were able to get guests in and out 10% faster, you would not only reduce wait times, but you would increase profit margins.  Text To Table helps you do just that.  From pre-ordering to efficient communication, we handle it all.

Always Covered.

Our system can be ran on any device with an internet connection insuring that everyone has access to requests as they come in.  Whether you have tablets deployed at stations or smart phones for your employees, you’re covered!


With Table Tend your customers can interact with your wait staff in a safe and controlled environment

Add Your Options

Add your own custom options or select from a variety of commonly used requests.

Safer Than Texting

You control the interactions and what is sent or said.

Real-Time Sync

Options appear on your dashboard and ServerWatch instantly.  Never lose or miss a request again.  

Real-Time Updates

Your customers can see pending requests and requests in progress.  Completed requests disappear.

Use Any Device 

Because Table Attendant is not an app, it can be used on any internet enabled device without a download.

Multiple Interfaces

Servers and Wait Staff can use unlimited instances of ServerWatch to tend to customer requests.