FAQ - Text To Table
Frequently Asked Questions

About Text To Table

What is Text To Table?
Text To Table is a waitlist and customer management tool designed for use by restaurants of all sizes. Our three distinct tiers keep the customer engaged with your business from the moment they walk-in to the second they leave.
Do you have contracts?
No. Text To Table does not require contracts to join our network. We strive to build the best solutions for our customers. If you don’t feel that we have delivered what we set out to, you can walk away at any time without any issues.
Is this an app?

No.  While we have an app being developed for restaurants, there is no app needed to run Text To Table.  Our platform works on any device with an internet connection.  Your customers will never need to download anything when using Text To Table.

Can I see a demo?

Any one of our friendly staff members would be happy to walk you through the Text To Table system in an online demo.  All you need is access to a computer or laptop and your mobile phone.  We believe that the system speaks for itself, so you never have to worry about pushy sales people.  We are simply here to answer your questions and get you started when you are ready.  

Do you handle reservations?

Text To Table incorporates a wait list system and would best be compared to call ahead seating.  At this moment Text To Table does not handle reservations, but we do complement many reservation systems.  Text To Table has an online check-in feature that allows customers to add themselves to the wait list from your website or social media page.  The wait list is more for people who are impulse diners, rather than those that plan ahead.

Will this work in my restaurant?

Nearly everyone who runs a moderately busy restaurant (at times), can benefit from using Text To Table.  Please give us a call or schedule an online demo so we can answer any questions you may have. 

About SpotWatch ( SMS Waitlist )

What is SpotWatch?

SpotWatch is our version of a custom waitlist designed to keep your customers connected to your establishment during the waiting period.  This consists of a system that will send text messages to mobile devices at various stages during the customers wait, as well as a web interface customers can view to manage their loyalty points, view your menu or view your daily specials.  

What if my customer doesn't want to give me their number?

We understand that this happens from time to time.  If a customer does not want to give you their number, you can provide them with a special code.  They can enter this code at TableTend.com to login to SpotWatch.  If your customer does not have a phone, they can always wait as they currently would.  You simply seat them and remove them from the wait list at that time.  

How many people can I seat through the system?

If you are using our platinum or popular packages you will get access to seat unlimited people each month.  If you use our basic package, you are limited to 250 tables per month.  If you do not use your credits however, they will simply roll over into the next month.  

How do I change my menu and specials?

When you become a member of Text To Table, you will gain access to our system.  Inside, you can setup your menu and specials with ease. 

About Table Attendant

What is Table Attendant?

Table Attendant allows your customers to interact directly with your wait staff through their mobile device.  If they have a need, they can make an instant request based on options you provide.  This information is relayed to stations (tablets/computers) and or mobile devices (phones,smart watches).  By allowing your customers to communicate their needs, they have an uninterrupted dining experience.  This not only allows you to serve your customers up to 80% faster, but it also increases table turn by as much as 15% and skyrockets customer satisfaction. 

Is Table Attendant an app?

In short, no.  Table attendant was designed to work on any phone with any operating system at any resolution.  As long as the device has an internet browser and is connected to a data source (wifi or mobile data) Table Attendant will work flawlessly.