Reservations - Text To Table


Offer your customers a way to make reservations through your website or social media.  By simply adding a small piece of code to your website or social media pages, your customers can not book reservations in a fast, convenient and secure way.  Your staff can also add reservations to the system manually, giving you the most flexibility.  Best of all our reservation system is included in every Text To Table package.  

There are no “per reservation charges” and our SMS / Email confirmation process helps to drastically reduce no shows.  

Customers Book On Your Site

Customers can visit your website or social media link, enter their details and reserve a table at your establishment.  You control the days, times, max party size and can confirm every reservation.

Confirmation Required

Unless the book over the phone, customers will be required to provide their email address or mobile phone number.  Upon submitting the request, their reservation will not appear in our system until they have confirmed their request via email or text message.  

The Final Say

We will notify you via email or text message when a new reservation arrives.  You can then confirm or deny the reservation and we’ll let your customers know the outcome.  Any reservation made for the current day will appear on the wait list, so you can manage your wait times more accurately.